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You have no time for cooking. That's why we are you solution  We cater to any food needs, Holiday or Non Holiday.  Big or small, we will always oblige.

About Caters 4 U

How we started.


Ritsi-Drew Caters 4 U, was started in October 2012 by Eritsa "Ritsi J" Feres-Jones & Andrew Jones, the husband and wife cooking duo.  Our dream of owning and operating a Catering Company, or better yet, owning our own restaurant began with 3 Turkey Fryers.


Eritsa Feres-Jones and Andrew, have been brinning, frying, and glazing Turkeys for over 9 years.  Our delicious fried turkeys have been enjoyed for all that time by family and friends.  In October of 2012 Andrew & Eritsa decided to share this suculent treat with the rest of the world.  


In our first years of operation, not only did we do Fried Turkeys with 6 glazes (BBQ - Garlic Butter - Orange Rosemary -Honey Butter - Herb Medley - Ritsi Rub), we also prepared an array of side dishes such as:


          -4 Cheese Mac 

          -Ritsi Salad

          -Sautee Spinach

          -Gingered & Brown Sugar Carrots

          -Potato Salad

          -Butternut Squash Soup

          -Brisket of Beef (Smoked for hours)

          -Pineapple Glazed Ham

          -Roasted Vegetable



The dream has become a reality.  We at Ritsi-Drew Ent., received an overwhelming response from our family and friends who have tasted our food for many years and each one brought a friend, and so new fans, or Ritsinistas were born.


As a culinary duo, we take prde in the products that we provide for the enjoyment of all our fans.  


Andrew Jones & Eritsa Feres-Jones take care in using the highest quality of ingredients.  All our ingredients and products are personally selected by Chef Ritsi and her staff.


Here at Ritsi-Drew, our motto is, "We create Food that Inspires"  When you taste our, your possibilites are endless......


For our catering policy, please click here.





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