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About BBQ

Who is Ritsi-Drew BBQ?



Ritsi-Drew BBQ is a National BBQ Competition team.


Team Members are Chef Eritsa Jones, Pit-master Andrew Jones (1st row right), Assistant Pit-masters Alberto & Alfredo Earle (rear row), and Assistants Christina Zazula, India Rolland (1st row left) , and Arisa Lomanto (not pictured). We are members of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, an organization dedicated to everything BBQ.





We at Ritsi-Drew BBQ take BBQ very serious.  We started competing professionally April 2012.  Our first competition was in our home state of New York.  We competed on Staten Island.  The borough of New York City, where we work.


Cooking BBQ is a method of cooking food (Generally Meat).  In the United States, to grill is to cook meats relatively quickly using the direct heat by charcoal fire method, while Barbecue is a much slower method utilizing by the smoke of wood fueled fire.


The word Barbecue means "sacred fire pit."  It has been suggested that both the word and the cooking technique migrated out of the Caribbean.


Barbecue is a true American Original with roots in the South, but it's popularity has grown over the years, and now it has branches reaching all over the country, and the world.  Each region of the country haQUEs it's own Unique style and definition of what good 'QUE' is.


Here at Ritsi-Drew BBQ, we love the Kansas City Style of BBQ, whick is Ribs, Pulled Pork, or any meat in a Tomato Base BBQ sauce.  Barbecue Sauce is King in the Kansas City Style of BBQ.



Allow us to share with you our love of BBQ:


Picture it: New York City, our backyard, the smell of smoke from charcoal and the smoke signals that the grill smoker has been sending out.  Smoke signals saying there in something very delcious is on the way.  The smoke from the grill of smoker is a prelude to the wonders that BBQ brings.


Barbecuing is not as simple as some people may think it is.  It requires planning and technique.  You may think that proper 'Queing' is just putting meat on the grill, the end, but that is not it at all.


When we at Ritsi-Drew Barbecue, it is for the love of 'que.  Meats that have been carefully selected.  Rubs that have been carefully grounded by the loving and dedicated hands of one of the team members of Ritsi-Drew.  But most of all, the glazing is done with the BBQ sauce, whch is the creation of the Chef and Culinary Creator of many of the recipes, utilize in our Repertoire.  Qur BBQ sauce is called "QUE 21" Sauce.


We have given you a short glimps into what we do for the love of 'Que.'


For our catering policy, please click here.











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